Senin, 17 Mei 2010


This is my artwork for today... :D

Sabtu, 15 Mei 2010


I just wondering what will i wear for today, emm what about something blooming and flowering?i found all cute things for wearing at shopruche all are so gorgeous check this out......

1. Shoes

Flowering party jazz sneekers. Oh god i really want this shoes :D

2. Dress

Green and blue flowering spring dress........the cute one XOXO

3. Handbag

The very gorgeous roses handbag.......Like this!!!!!! Maybe i will buy this one or somebody? :D

There's still a lot of that you can find at shopruche. So what are you wearing for today? jeans,shirt?
as long as you feel confident it will be looks great right.

Happy gud day ;)

Kamis, 13 Mei 2010

*Be a good designer one day

Today i just want to post my artwork and my little sister artwork, she's 9 years old and she's very exited in graphic design and drawing as much as i like it. Love her so much i know that one day you will be great designer xoxoxox :).

made by me
.little girl in black dress.

and this one made by inong my lil sister :)

.lina in her work dress.

have a gud day :D

*Try Something New

I have just made a tumblr today, it's look like everyones have one so i made it too.
But little bit hard for me to use it,
maybe i still have to learn more about tumblr.

By the way i have made a drawing, i don't why i'm very like this one and i was posting in all my webpages .
Hope everyone like it too.

this is picture of me but actually it's only in imagination :).
Happy Gud Nite :)

Selasa, 11 Mei 2010

*Yum yum cupcake

Hey what are you doing today? hope you still enjoy to do everything that you do :).
Today I stay at home, working on my assignment. By the way I found an interesting picture,
this picture I got from Petit Pot blog, the very nice blog

. Looks all very yummy right?.
Actually I've never tried cupcake before, but after seeing pictures,
I am so excited to have one, em maybe what if it started with trying to make a cupcake. :).

made in painting:D.... Have a gud day !

Senin, 10 Mei 2010

*Gud Morning

Seems the sun shine brightly today i hope everyone is happy and enjoy the day. Okay this is the first time for me to post my photograph in my blog, I took that pictures with my brand new camera for couple days ago, it's some kind of my brand new hobby, since my father bought me a digital camera. But somehow i was wondering if my father buy SLR camera because the fact that i really want the SLR ones :( .How do you think about my photograph? It still look unprofessional isn't? :P but i still enjoy it.

By the way i really interested in lomography, since my friend sofia told me about what lomography is, lomography uses lomo camera to capture the photo and the result of the picture that captured by lomo will look very artistic, with a circle focus and the dark effect it's very amazing. In the fact i don't have a lomo ones, but i have an idea to make my photo can looks like as lomo result, so i'm using photoshop for editing my photo :D, i'm not a professional at editing, but its really fun to see the result that i edited by my self. So for the next time i will posting more more photos and also my graphic design ;). Enjoy today